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Luiza Vizoli
Twin Cities-Minnesota, USA


About Us

Artists Bio: A self-taught artist, Luiza Vizoli’s works range from realism and impressionist to surrealism on canvas and wood supports. Her  mediums include acrylic and oil paints, charcoal, pencil, pastels and watercolor.

I’ve been creating art  since early childhood: I started painting with oils and acrylics  and soon discovered that I liked to create textured art paintings on large size canvases .My creative process is not easy. It’s not just splashing paint to make a nice looking piece of artwork to hang it on a wall-for me there’s more than just paints, brushes, knives, solvents and canvas. Each one of my paintings has a story behind it. They’re part of my dreams, hopes for tomorrow, memories from yesterday, dreams of the future. When I’m in front of the easel I release a substantial amount of passion and energy on each art piece I am working on. When you are buying one of my paintings it comes with a little part of my soul in it. My flowers and landscape paintings are carrying my unique style, colorful impressionism and maybe sometimes naive, abstract. They usually are made using palette knife impasto technique.  The flowers and trees from my paintings are often dancing in the sunset, "singing" in the rain, flying with the wind. My birds paintings are cheerful and full of colors and texture. My modern abstract pieces of art are created around a  powerful  subject, with vibrant colors and make an outstanding wall decor in any style or room.

I like to combine paints, mediums and glass or gemstones to create a 3D textured fantasy, surreal piece of art. You will notice  that I love painting sunsets, flowers, trees, forest, seasons. All my paintings reflect  the beauty of nature and imagination through the different mixed media as oil, acrylic, metallic pigment, watercolor. I’ve created custom works of art for developers, restaurants, private and corporate clients in US, Canada, Australia, Europe. In fact, you will find over 2,000 Luiza Vizoli’s paintings worldwide! I use only genuine high quality materials from trusted vendors. I never cut corners with substandard materials, so you can always trust that you are purchasing quality paintings. . My art is not a poster, reproduction or canvas transfer, it is handmade original artwork. All artwork is accompanied by a COA- Certificate of Authenticity and my personal signatureon the front and back of the canvas.

The canvas sides are painted and there is no need for artwork to be framed.

I am using “gallery wrapped" canvases, staple free completely ready to hang which look great unframed.

Artists Statement: "My goal as an artist is to convey the joy of life through my artwork and bring it to your home"

When I paint a landscape, seascape, flowers or an abstract artwork, I’m trying to send you my positive vibe that will hopefully give you a smile on your face, connect to a faraway happy land or welcome you home after a busy day! The positive energy is the key to all my paintings. If you would like to feel energetic, then take a look around my online gallery!